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Ashpark™ Basement Waterproofing Contractors specializes in waterproofing and wet leaky basement solutions for the residential homeowner and construction industry. Our specialists have been involved in the construction industry for over 34 years and have overlooked the construction of over 2000 homes in the GTA and surrounding areas. In this time, we have gained an extensive knowledge in both prevention and repair of basement foundations, giving us an edge over our competitors.

Ashpark™ Basement Waterproofing Contractors is able to provide fast and effective protection for the refurbishment of existing residential homes, commercial, and institutional buildings. The wide range of our services allows us to provide waterproofing basement solutions for all types of structures. Our damp proofing and waterproofing systems are supplemented by products and materials that deal with and prevent the common symptoms of a damaged foundation such as damp, wet, and flooded basements. It should also be put noted that we are not limited to below grade structures.

Our specialists have successfully repaired over 80,000 homes and businesses throughout Southern Ontario. Ashpark™ Basement Waterproofing Contractors is growing in stature and we are a service leader throughout Southern Ontario, because of our reputation for our cost effective permanent solutions and friendly service. We are most recognized mostly for our specializing in epoxy foundation crack repairs by injections which carry a 25 year warranty. read more


Concrete Crack Injections

Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Epoxy Injection
Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Polyurethane Injection
Cold Joint Leaks Repaired
Hydro Electrical Panel Leaks
Honeycomb Leak Repaired

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Interior/Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Interior Weeping Tile Drain Systems and Sump Pumps Exterior Basement Waterproofing Application and Weeping Tile System Window Well and Lateral Drain Installation and Repair

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Excavation Work (Mini Excavator)
Dump Trailers
Beam Pockets and Brick Flashing Leaks
Tirods and Snaptie Repairs
Brick / Masonry / Stone Sealed
Septic / Water Service Projection Leaks
Consultation and Inspection Services